Syntax to execute stored procedure in teradata

2020-02-23 02:05

Jul 16, 2014  Hi, I'm unable to get results from a call to a stored procedure in Teradata. If I run this statement in Teradata SQL Assistant, it returns 1 row: call BillNo, CallTime) But the same statement if run from within a graph using JDBC Execute node returns nothing. Am I missing some drivers or have syntaxI am using a Stored procedure in teradata, in which multiple updates are written. I want to generate log file for Stored Procedure. so that i can come to know how many rows are getting updated by each update statement. is there any why to implement this. syntax to execute stored procedure in teradata

A stored procedure contains a set of SQL statements and procedural statements. They may contain only procedural statements. The definition of stored procedure is stored in database and the parameters are stored in data dictionary tables. Advantages. Stored procedures reduce the network load between the client and the server.

Hi, What are the things that I should look for when a stored procedure takes more time to execute than usual. I understnd that stale stats can be the primary issue for such occurences but apart from that can there there be any other issues which can be resolved? Dec 28, 2015 Stored procedures Currently I have a SQL statement that will generate an answer set of INSERT statements. I want to write a stored procedure that will first run my initial SQL with a variable for databasename, after inputting the databasename it will perform SQL that will generate the SQL for the insert statements (lots of them). syntax to execute stored procedure in teradata Preface Changes to This Book 4 SQL Stored Procedures and Embedded SQL Changes to This Book Release Description Teradata Database 13. 0 March 2010 Added a statement specifying that users must recompile stored procedures when upgrading or migrating to a major release.

Tags for BTEQ Executing stored procedure in Teradata. How to call a stored procedure in BTEQ; calling bteq for calling stored procedure in informatica; calling procedure from bteq; calling stored procedure inside procedure in teradata; can we call procedure in bteq script; executing BTEQ from script; how to create stored procedure in teradata syntax to execute stored procedure in teradata However, as of Teradata 12. 0 it is possible to use the Java Language as the basis for External Stored Procedures (known as JXSPs), so this week we will develop a Java based version of the Stored Procedure. You can execute a stored procedure by CALLing it. Syntax: CALL stored procedure name (parameters) Suppose, you are creating a stored procedure like this, CREATE PROCEDURE SPEmployee (IN name CHAR(20), IN id INTEGER, IN deptno INTEGER, OUT dname CHAR(10), INOUT errstr VARCHAR(30)) BEGIN DECLARE CONTINUE HANDLER FOR SQLSTATE VALUE ' ' SET You cannot create a Stored Procedure with an updateable cursor from your SQL assistant as SQL assistant runs in Teradata transaction mode. You will have to compile your stored procedure from BTEQ in ANSI mode. Cursor Declaration. Below you can find the syntax you have to use to declare a cursor in your stored procedure. How to execute dynamic SQL in Teradata. Ask Question 2. Is there any way to submit dynamically generated SQL to Teradata? I've written a query that will create the code to denormalize a table. Right now, I am pulling the code down to my client (SAS) and resubmitting it in a second step. Here is an overly simplified example of a stored

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