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2020-02-17 16:23

2 Cascading FlashCopy and Scenarios 1. 1 Introduction In todays modern, complex application environments, the need to have multiple copies of data for the purpose of backup, testing, development, data mining, and disaster recovery isThere is no single persistent parameter when invoking FlashCopy in a System z environment. But, persistent is used automatically when establishing an Incremental FlashCopy or Fast Reverse Restore Enabled (Global Mirror) FlashCopy. DS6000DS8000 FlashCopy in zOS Environments Quick Reference This document covers: What is FlashCopy? fast reverse restore flashcopy

v Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1000 Hitachi Compatible FlashCopy User Guide Using ICKDSF to establish Compatible FlashCopy V2 relationships by

DB2 for zOS System Level Backup Update Judy RubyBrown IBM Corp. Advanced Technical Skills (ATS) Fast Reverse Restore SEFC Space Efficient FlashCopy DFSMShsm (HSM) Hierarchical storage manager FlashCopy volumes can only be in a single FlashCopy relationship at any time Cascading FlashCopy: . Allows a track, set of tracks, or volume to be both a source and target of a FlashCopy relationship; Provides the ability to restore using Fast Reverse Restore to the original FlashCopy source from a FlashCopy target without having to withdraw other FlashCopy target relationships that the FlashCopy source may have. fast reverse restore flashcopy Fast Reverse Restore (FRR) from a FlashCopy (FLC) target established without Change Recording (CR) active was first supported on DS8000 microcode Release 3. 0, bundle 63. 0. x. x. The exposure to invalid data only exists on the source volume after it has been restored through the FRR process.

To determine if fast reverse restore can be used for a copy pool version, issue the QUERY COPYPOOL command. When fast reverse restore can be used, the QUERY COPYPOOL command output will display background copy percentcomplete (PCTCOMP) information other than . Percentcomplete information (a percentage) is available for fullvolume FlashCopy pairs with an incomplete background fast reverse restore flashcopy Number of DASD Fast Replication Backup Versions with Background Copy FRBACKUP to PPRC Primary Volumes allowed (NO, PN, PP, PR or blank) FlashCopy Consistency Group Allow Fast Reverse Restore (Y or N) Capture Catalog Information for Data Set Recovery (R, P or N) FCINCREMENTAL cannot be used in combination with space efficient FlashCopy. New Function: This PTF provides software in support of DFSMSdss and FlashCopy Fast Reverse Restore. The DFSMSdss support is provided in PTFs for APAR OA. PE FIX IN ERROR. SEE APAR OA FOR DESCRIPTION FlashCopy target can be immediately used for recovery If background copy not complete Fast Reverse Restore If background copy complete FlashCopy used Offload process can happen any time after backup If background copy complete, no IOs will be directed to production Compatible FlashCopy V2 Fast Reverse Restore using the ICKDSF FLASHCPY ESTABLISH command. . 86 Compatible FlashCopy V2 Incremental Restore using the ICKDSF FLASHCPY ESTABLISH command. . 86 Using the ANTRQST macro to establish Compatible FlashCopy V2 relationships by

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