Indonesia stock exchange free float requirement

2020-02-28 07:04

Indonesia update: IDX issues revised regulations on listing of shares and equitylinked securities, including new free float requirements Herbert Smith Freehills LLP Indonesia February 11 2014In January the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) announced a higher free float requirement. Listed companies must float 7. 5 by January 30 2016 and have more than 300 shareholders, while the free float of newly listed companies will be determined by IPO value. indonesia stock exchange free float requirement

Measures performance of all stocks that listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). LQ45 Index Measures performance of 45 stocks with large market capitalization, high liquidity, and good corporate fundamentals. Capped Free Float Adjusted Market Capitalization Weighted

The Indonesian stock exchange is considering pushing back its deadline on new freefloat requirements, potentially deferring trillions of rupiah worth of share sales, in the face of market The Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) requests 28 companies that are listed on the IDX to comply with the minimum free float and shareholder requirements that are stipulated by indonesia stock exchange free float requirement Jan 23, 2014  The exchange is also raising freefloat requirements for companies planning an initial public offering (IPO). Indonesia's stock exchange on Thursday set the minimum amount of

A number of companies currently listed on the stock market will have to increase the number of their ' freefloat' shares in line with the new stock market regulation that will become effective indonesia stock exchange free float requirement The Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) will give time until 31 January 2016 for the remaining 18 publiclylisted companies that have not yet complied with the new minimum free float requirement that aims to increase liquidity in the stock market.

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