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2020-02-27 20:12

Public Notice of Proposed Brands. In order to better serve our customers, the Arizona Department of Agriculture will use this website as the official location to publicly notice all Brand applications for a period of 30 days prior to awarding the Brand to allow interested parties the opportunity to protest any potentially conflicting brand.FY 2012 Baseline 16 Arizona Department of Agriculture SUMMARY OF FUNDS FY 2010 Actual FY 2011 Estimate Commodity Promotion Fund (AHA2458A. R. S. 3109. 02) NonAppropriated Source of Revenue: Proceeds of a fee collected for a Certificate of Free Sale and any sales of merchandise with the Arizona Grown trademark. A Certificate of Free Sale is a document authenticating that a commodity is az livestock brands for sale

Willcox Livestock Auction is Arizona's oldest livestock auction serving all of Arizona and Southwestern New Mexico! Come see us at: 1020 N Haskell Ave. Willcox, AZ. . Like us on Facebook for the latest news and info!

ARIZONA FARM AND LIVESTOCK has 8, 727 members. I started this group with the purpose of sharing everything related with farm and livestock, to buy sell, Brands are one of the most interesting tools used by livestock people. Each brand is by necessity different than all the others and often conveys the character of the owner. Our most popular feature is Livestock Brands. We would like to enhance your experience here on this subject. Please post your brand questions on our Facebook page. az livestock brands for sale Buyer and seller of livestock require Arizona Livestock Bill of Sale form during a sale of animals in Arizona State to establish the proof of a physical transaction. This document serves a proof of ownership for the buyer when the seller executes it after signing before a notary public of Arizona State.

Arizona Brand Registration AZ az livestock brands for sale Each livestock brand is by necessity different than all the others and often conveys the character of the owner. OK Corrals offers a comprehensive line of pipe corraling, riding arenas, and portable panels for sale customized with your Arizona ranch brands, name, club name, or design from the most complex to simple AZ cattle ranch brands. Mission Statement. To support and promote Arizona agriculture in a way that encourages farming, ranching and agribusiness, protects the wellbeing of people, plants, animals and the environment while safeguarding commerce, consumers and natural resources. The following are proposed brands submitted by the Applicants listed below in accordance with A. R. S (C). These brands are not available for sale by the Arizona Department of Agriculture. The End Date shown is the deadline for receiving protests for the proposed brand. 4. The foregoing applies only to cattle from non quarantined areas and that have a destination of an Arizona Livestock Auction. Anyone needing cattle inspected at the sale barn or otherwise must call ADA dispatch We have recently been notified by the AZ Department of Agriculture that the import requirements have changed.

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