Old bell atlantic stock certificates

2020-02-19 08:06

My mother has stock certificates Bell South, Lucent Technologies, Southwestern Bell Corp. , SBC Communications, Nynex Corp. , US West, Inc. , Bell South Corp. , Bell Atlantic Corp. , and a couple of other companies, they are valued at around 4000. 00. The problem is;Old Documents. IPO Prospectus; NYSE The Exchange Magazine; Bell Atlantic Corp. Stock Certificate: Save 20! Buy any Mix of 2 or More Stock Certificates Our Price: 69. 95 In 1984 Bell Atlantic Corp. was spun off of AT& T as part of the antitrust case and was one of the original Baby Bells . Bell Atlantic merged with NYNEX in 1996 and old bell atlantic stock certificates

Beautifully engraved uncancelled certificate from the Bell Atlantic Corporation This item has the printed signatures of the Companys Chairman of the Board and Treasurer and is over 18 years old. Certificate Vignette Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOCs) resulting from the AT& T Breakup: All Old Stock and Bond Certificates are

Old Bell Atlantic stock certificates are still valid, even though the company merged with GTE to form Verizon. If you have such certificates, contact Computershare, which manages Verizon's stock purchase program. You can send them in and keep the stock in a modern account or move it to a broker. Bell Atlantic stock certificates remain valid and should not be sent in for exchange. We do, however, encourage you to take advantage of Book Entry, which allows old bell atlantic stock certificates Dear John: I have a stock certificate for Southwestern Bell. The original transfer agent was the Bank of New York, but they dont know anything about the stock now.

How Do I Cash an Old Stock Certificate? Perhaps you were poking around in your attic and stumbled across some old stock certificates, or received some as part of an inheritance. Maybe the company is defunct. Can I Cash in My Bell Atlantic Stock Certificates? More Articles You'll Love. How to Recover Funds From Old Stocks& Bonds. old bell atlantic stock certificates

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