Ps3 store games expensive

2020-02-24 20:08

Jun 09, 2009 The graphics, quality, details, and everything included in the game is a lot of work. Lots of work and effort goes into the games (usually), which means that they at least have to get something in return. They are very expensive to make. But I believe that in a year or two, PS3 games, along with Xbox 360 games, will cost around 50 or less.Dear PlayStation community, If have seen a big difference in price between Xbox and PlayStation store for Battlefield 1 and it doesn't make any sense. ps3 store games expensive

Sep 28, 2015 For PlayStation 4 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Why are the prices on playstation store so expensive? .

Check for the Game of the Year Edition. For some reason, the vanilla release is more expensive. Could also be your exchange rate, In the US, the GotY is full price at 19. 99 and often on sale for half that. I'm on the psn store and am going through some older games and the digital copy is more expensive than the actual hard disk version you buy at the store. How is this possible? With a hard disk, we get trade in value, where as a digital version, there is no Loyalty or value to the game that's on your hard drive, so essentially, it's even more ps3 store games expensive The Playstation 3 has some of the rarest and most valuable games for the current generation of consoles. Below is a list of the PS3's most rare and most expensive titles. The list is ranked by average sales price per game in new condition.

Most Expensive PS3 Games Top 10. Lets continue our journey in the gaming area and find out now which are the most expensive PS3 games. PlayStation 3, commonly known by its abbreviation PS3, is a video game console created by Sony Computer Entertainment and is the successor to PS2, being part of the PlayStation series. ps3 store games expensive Sep 14, 2008 Best Answer: you wait you buy a playstation 2 and buy the cheaper games or you look for used games either way you wait you just discoverd how console gamers make their money through software not hardware not that wii or xbox 360 games are any cheaper when they are new and populair games remain expensive for

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