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2020-02-29 01:42

Graph Expo 2012 Must See em Award XMPie uStore Facebook Connect DPS Top 30 2011 Readers Choice Graph Expo 2011 Must See em Award XMPie uVideo Graph Expo 2011 WorthALook Award XMPie PersonalEffect 5. 2 Graph Expo 2010 WorthALook Award XMPie PersonalEffect 5. 0XMPie uStore Facebook Connect. DPS Top 30. 2011 Readers Choice. Graph Expo 2011 Must See em Awards XMPie uVideo. Graph Expo 2011 WorthALook Awards XMPie PersonalEffect 5. 2. Graph Expo 2010 WorthALook Awards XMPie PersonalEffect 5. 0. xmpie ustore facebook connect

uStore release notes provide information on the features and improvements of each release, and fixes to existing functionality. upgrades to uStore will be provided as system updates via the Presets XMPie Services Check for new updates section. Updates will be available for customers who have an active Maintenance and Support plan.

XMPie uStore Facebook Connect is an addon available to customers with uStore 6. 0 and PersonalEffect Print MI or higher. This enables the XMPie customer to offer the application as a The uStore Connect interface allows customers and integrators to bring the same variable data print (VDP) ordering workflow available in uStore to their existing ecommerce systems. Customers will continue to use the uStore architecture to house product definitions and xmpie ustore facebook connect XMPie has announced a new feature for its uStore product which will allow printers to provide its clients with a new way to sell printed goods through social media site Facebook. With uStore Facebook Connect, we give our customers the means to truly take their multichannel capabilities to new heights.

Using uStore Facebook Connect, a new technology from XMPie (Booth 1200), customers with XMPie uStore can embed Webtoprint on their customers Facebook pages as an application, allowing fans to order branded print materials that are personalized using the fans Facebook xmpie ustore facebook connect Hot Air Balloons Over Lake. 124. 00. New Year Golden Ornaments

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