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2020-02-19 06:42

Feb 15, 2018  Have you tried Erase Pimple Solution? Is it really effective in removing acne scars and dark spots? Please watch this video in HD for my honest feedback abouteRAse Solution for Stretch Marks& Scars. Take little amount of cream on a cotton (not, fingertip) and gently apply only on the affected area. Dont apply it at any other place. Use it once a day and before using properly wash your face. If you are feeling irritation erase solution mercury drugstore

REVIEW: Erase Solution Anti Acne and Depigmentation Solution. It also gave me a little phobia of the sunlight because I don't want to suffer from sunburns. It reduced my big ole' scar on my right shoulder which I'm very happy with. Note that you should not peel when you see some dead skin coming off because it might cause an irritation or worse, deeper and uglier scar!

I bought the smaller roller that has 7 ml in it which I purchased at Watson for Php 99. 00 and I think this is also available in all drugstores and department store. In the package it says Tretinoin UK Derm Erase 250mcgml Antiacne and depigmenting solution for scars, wrinkles, pumples, freckles, stretchmarks, dark elbows and knees. Erase is one of the leading cosmetic brands in the Philippines that provides affordable and quality skin care products and services. The company offers wide range of cosmetic products from soaps and cleansers to lotions and solutions. erase solution mercury drugstore With their foothold in the cosmetic industry, Erase Philippines has been providing affordable cosmetic solutions for all types of skin care problems through their stellar range of products. Radiant Looking Skin with Erase Scar Remover, Glutathione, & Placenta Soap. Say goodbye to scars and wrinkles with the Erase scare remover solution.

I've been using erase solution for my knee and elbow. Then ung elbow ko po namalat sya then i stop using the solution. Then ung fabric po ng kumot namen is not that good napansin ko na lang na namula ung elbow ko and para syang nagsugat and now nangitim lang sya lalo TT but last night and tonight i'm still applying the solution. erase solution mercury drugstore Mercury Drug is the leading trusted and caring drugstore in the Philippines, whose founder has been hailed as the 'Father of Philippine Health and Wellness Retailing. '

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