Recompute datastore groups hung

2020-02-18 07:56

If the issue was caused by a virtual machine with a RDM disk mapped to a missing LUN, you can now see the replicated datastore groups in the wizard. Request a Product Feature. To request a new product feature or to provide feedback on a VMware product, please visit the Request a Product Feature page.discoveryDevices (discoverLuns in SRA v1) returns a list of replicated LUNs. This is called on array pairing and when the Recomputing Datastore Groups task is showing in vCenter. It is a good place to start if there is missing LUNsdatastores in SRM. recompute datastore groups hung

We see that the Recompute Datastore Group task run periodically within vCenter since we installed SRM, what triggers these tasks? Datastore Group computation is triggered by the following events: o Existing VM is deleted or unregistered. o VM is storage vmotioned to a different datastore. o New

When vCenterSRM tries to recompute the datastore groups it fails and SRM doesn't show any LUNsdatastores being replicated. We are using EMC Site Recovery Manager determines the composition of a datastore group by the set of virtual machines that have files on the datastores in the group, and by the devices on which those datastores are stored. recompute datastore groups hung The virtual machine is protected again under the original storage policy protection group. Site Recovery Manager displays incorrect names for some protected site objects in placeholder mappings. If all the protected datastores and RDM devices do not display, click Refresh to discover the devices and recompute the datastore groups.

recompute datastore groups in progress. SRM 5. 0. This task is hung upany way I can clear it? I have restarted the SRM boxes on both end and this has not helped. I have the same question Show 2 Likes. 3289 Views VMware Technology. Virtualization; Data Center Virtualization; recompute datastore groups hung Configuring array managers causes Site Recovery Manager to compute datastore groups based on the set of replicated storage devices that it discovers. If you change the configuration of the array at either site to add or remove devices, Site Recovery Manager must rescan the arrays and recompute the datastore groups. Jun 30, 2016 VMware SRM Recompute Device Groups Occurence Setup. VMware vCenter 6. 0 Update 1b. SRM 6. 1. NetApp SRA 2. 1P1. Issue. SRM is configured with single datastore in Array Managers Volume include list. I am wondering if anyone else has come across similar issue like this. Posted by Munishpal Makhija at Sep 12, 2011 The Storage vMotion operation succeeded, but when it completed, a Recompute Datastore Groups task kicked off. I then went back to my Protection Group, and now I saw that only 1 out of 2 VMs was in an OK state; the other VM was in a Not Configured state and would require editing in order to protect it. FAQ: Why do I see Recompute Datastore frequently in the Taskbar? In this respect you are using the LUNs to distrubute the IO whilst at the same time creating groups of application LUNs that can be included in the same cycle of replication so they shame the same integrity and protection groups in SRM.

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