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Feb 12, 2019 Shigeharu Cutlery, Kyoto: Address, Phone Number, Shigeharu Cutlery Reviews: 55. Asia; Japan; Amazing to find such an authentic shop in the center of Kyoto! The communication with the owner goes indeed very well in spite of obvious language difficulties. The person at the store also advised us to get the best knife forBuying a knife in Kyoto: Knives in Japan: Japanese knives are becoming famous and popular. I mentioned it on the store page(in the column to the right) two of the best knife stores in Kyoto. Shigeharu, the oldest knife store in Kyoto. Actually, Shigeharu is one of the oldest stores(of all categories) in Kyoto. shigeharu kyoto knife store

Shigeharus founding dates back to the Kamakura period ( ), while Aritsugu started in 1560. The oldest knife maker in Kyoto, Shigeharu, has no website and the shop is not nearly as commercial as its counterpart. Shigeharu is located on Horikawa Street between Sanjo and Oike Streets, on

Shigeharu. This is the oldest knife store in Kyoto. Actually, Shigeharu is one of the oldest stores(of any categories) in Kyoto. See video: Nov 03, 2013 If you are referring to the knives Kyoto Aritsugu stocks in the middle of the shop piled up, those are typically yellow paper and white3 knives to keep it simple, relatively low grade carbon steel. Shigeharu it is a little trickier but most of his stuff is white2 or better I believe (white1 generally being the most prizedvaries from shigeharu kyoto knife store Quiet store with the best hand made knives in kyoto. Made by hand in the back of the store by the man who runs the store. Shigeharu family started making knives in the kamakura period. This is the oldest knife maker in Kyoto. Prices are much better than some other the other touristy knife makers in kyoto.

Aritsugu knives are well known in Kyoto and the shop is located in the Nishiki Food Market. I wanted to buy from the shop initially but I nearly fainted after one look at the offerings there. I read though that I could get similar quality at 30 cheaper and handmade some more from a shop named Shigeharu. This shop has an impressive history shigeharu kyoto knife store

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