A dong grocery store

2020-02-23 23:42

Where is A Dong Grocery Store in Allentown on the Map? Categories of A Dong Grocery Store. Grocery or Supermarket Food Store CUSTOMER REVIEWS (3) Reviews for A Dong Grocery Store. RATING: 5. Out Of 5. This location has 3 reviews from customers. You can12 reviews of Dong A Grocery Most of the criticisms about this place have to do with differences in the way South Asians do things. Anyone who has been to Asia will understand this. This Vietnamese grocery store is medium sized in comparison to other stores in the area. However, it has some specialized items worth mentioning and possibly a dong grocery store

Asian grocery stores in Canada are so clean it makes me wish that A Dong would remodel a bit to upgrade older infrastructure, floorings and their layout. There are very few grocery stores that can be considered magical, but to me this is near the top of that list.

A dong Supermarket Wholeseller and retailer of all your oriental grocery needs A Dong Supermarket, Westminster, California. 59 likes 1, 663 were here. Grocery Store one of the finest Asian supermarkets in all of Orange County, but I looked and couldn't find that dong anywhere! Reina Ramirez reviewed A Dong Supermarket 4 star. Grocery Store. A Dong Supermarket. Business location information provided by a dong grocery store A Dong Supermarket has been serving the Connecticut region since 1989. We have a wide selection of oriental groceries and gifts including Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, and more. We offer both retail and wholesale quantitiesgreat for the everyday family or for a restaurant.

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