Stored procedure vs c# code performance

2020-02-21 05:01

Stored Procedures for every little query vs. hard coded sql queries It would be much easier to change the logic in stored procedure without affecting the C# code. Also it is stored procedures are MORE maintainable because you dont have to recompile you C# code whenever you are doing some changes in SQL. You may also like to check StoredJul 02, 2012  Stored Procedures DO NOT increase performance. Shivprasad koirala all SQL statements, irrespective of its a SQL coming from inline code or stored procedure or from anywhere else, they are compiled and cached. In addition, SP cursors are tough to debug, but C# code is not. Stored procedures are a maintenance problem. Jarmo stored procedure vs c# code performance

Dynamic SQL vs Stored Procedure. 4 (80) Stored procedures beat dynamic SQL in terms of performance. A stored procedure is cached in the server memory and its execution is much faster than dynamic SQL. This means that you will have to recompile and deploy the application code. Network Traffic. Stored procedures produce less network

Stored procedures represent a software contract that encapsulates the actions taken against the database. The code in the procedures, and even the schema of the database itself can be changed without affecting compiled, deployed code, just so the inputs and outputs of the procedure When is it better to write ad hoc sql vs stored procedures [duplicate Ask Question 36. 15. Creating a query on the fly in C# like this: If you need to tweak your logic because of bugs or poor performance, having the SQL Code embedded in your application implies that you need to redeploy it (even if your dataset doesn't change). stored procedure vs c# code performance stored procedure function performance difference. I created the same exact code with same exact parameters as a stored procedure. then i executed the sp. boom! it takes less then 1 sec. the same exact code takes about 10 sec with a function. hence better performance with the stored procedure.

Hi Expertise, We have project where we have a lot of inline sql queries in c# code. I have some below queries: 1) Should we need to convert all inline sql queries to stored procedures? 2) Do we need to only convert those queries where we can see performance improvement? 3) Some inline queries Can you explain (show code) what do you mean by stored procedure vs c# code performance Determine when to use stored procedures vs. SQL in the code Tony Patton discusses the merits of stored procedures versus placing SQL directly in the code. Find out which one is best for your SQLServer Performance: What is faster, a stored procedure or a view? Ask Question 35. 9. I look at stored procedures as code modules. For example let's say you have a table called tblEmployees with these two columns Putting the same select statement into a stored procedure gives the same performance when I execute that procedure. Apr 11, 2005 C# Performance vs Stored Procedures. Discussion in 'General Developer Questions' started by karlkawano, Apr 7, Should the processing code in C# or TSQL. The benefits I see in C# is OO (classes, encapsulation, etc), organization of classes (i. e. not just a plethora of stored procs), the ability for users to process data on their machines

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